November 24th to 26th :Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt (SSTH) – 2022 at Sahyadri campus…

Mangaluru: Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management is organizing a state level competition, the
Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt (SSTH-2022), where thousands of students are expected to take part in this event to flaunt their skills in the vast field of Science and technology.  This event is conducted for the students studying in pre universities and high schools covering more than 100 institutions. SSTH aims at funding the young and zealous minds of today in order to ignite their hidden talents and grow in motivation. This year’s event is scheduled to be held on the 24th , 25th and 26th of November at Sahyadri Campus, Adyar, Mangalore.

One of the main objectives of this event is to impart hands-on experience to work on social
problems existing in our communities and implement their innovative ideas in reality. That is
why SSTH has come up with enticing and captivating competitions, such as working model
events and still models. Another objective of SSTH is to bridge the gap between the
fundamentals of high school and university in the domain of engineering, by conducting an
open-day mentorship programme, called “Be with Engineers”. The students also receive a
plus point on attending this event as they get an opportunity to interact with engineers,
faculty and also witness numerous projects within the campus and visit Launchpads like
Dreamers, Challengers, Sahyadri Motorsports and Sahyadri Open Source Community(SOSC).
They will also get opportunity to interact with Industries like RDL Technologies Pvt Ltd, Aptra
Technologies Pvt Ltd, Caliper Engineering & Lab Pvt Ltd and Startups like Technical career
Education Pvt Ltd, Flotanomars R&D Pvt Ltd, Megamind, Sahyadri Edu Dreamers, DTi Pvt Ltd
and many more at Sahyadri campus.
The programme is organised under the leadership of Chairman, Dr. Manjunath Bhandary,
whose aim is to nurture the young brains through scientific innovations. Beyond the
merchandise and money, our motive is to provide a platform for exhibiting and sharing their
ideas with their peers; allowing students to redefine the education process through
experiential learning.
A panel discussion with experienced personnel from diverse fields of research, industry and
education will share their perspectives with the audience.

The topics for the panel discussion are

1. Role of Budding Innovators in Uplifting the Sustainable goals,

2. How to be future-ready amidst all the macro changes that are happening around the globe?

The eminent personalities of this panel discussion are:
● Mr .Prithvi Sai Penumadu – AIM – NITI Aayog ; Ex-Director – AeroTruck,
● Mr. Sushil Mungekar – Founder & CEO – ENpower; Education Transformist and
Entrepreneurship for Children,
● Mr. Mukesh S – Program Manager- Beyond Bengaluru,

● Mr. Rohith Bhat – Founder and CEO – 99Games Online Private Limited; Founder of
Global Delight and Robosoft Technologies,
The Grand Finale of this event is to be held on the 26th of November, which is open to all to
witness the splendour and glory of this event, thanks to all the blazing young souls who
make this occasion worth remembering. The panel discussion with eminent scientists and
student interaction with the panel of scientists to seek the right direction to their career will
happen from 2 to 3:00 pm.


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